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Founded 2017


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Video & Podcast Production

Slideator is a versatile online platform designed to assist educators, students, and business professionals in creating, managing, and sharing video presentations and tutorials. The platform supports a range of media formats and is compatible with various operating systems, allowing users to work from any desktop or mobile device without the need for additional software downloads. This accessibility makes it particularly useful in educational settings?


mdi-check-bold Enhanced Learning Experiences Educators can create video presentations that incorporate slide content, live camera feeds, whiteboards, and more. This multimedia approach can cater to different learning styles and enhance the comprehension of complex subjects. mdi-check-bold Flexibility and Accessibility Slideator's cloud-based nature allows students to access learning materials from anywhere, aligning with the needs of remote or hybrid learning environments. mdi-check-bold Integration with Learning Management Systems Slideator videos can be easily embedded into popular LMS platforms like Google Classroom, Moodle, and Blackboard, streamlining the course management process and making it easier for students to access educational content?

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