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EdTech Connect FAQ

EdTech Connect stands as a testament to the power of technology in shaping the future of higher education. Its comprehensive features, committed community, and focus on quality and insights make it the go-to platform for anyone looking to navigate the higher education technology landscape.

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What's EdTech Connect known for?

EdTech Connect is the only-of-its-kind higher education technology search engine. It provides in-depth insights on over 4,000 U.S. colleges and universities and more than 950 solution providers. The platform, powered by AI, assists higher education professionals in making informed technology purchasing decisions, offering features like an interactive map, searchable database and insights into institutions' digital infrastructure.

How can EdTech Connect aid in my institution's digital transformation journey?

By providing access to a wide range of technology solutions and insights, EdTech Connect supports institutions in making informed decisions that align with their digital transformation goals. Find a list of our higher education solutions on our website.

How do I access EdTech Connect's features?

To access EdTech Connect's features, higher education professionals can sign up for free using your .edu email address. This grants access to the AI-powered search engine, interactive map, searchable database, and insights into the digital infrastructure of over 4,000 U.S. colleges and universities.

What makes EdTech Connect different from other higher education technology platforms?

EdTech Connect specializes in connecting higher education professionals with technology solutions through a user-friendly AI-powered search engine that sets it apart – offering a curated list of solutions and insights from a community of verified professionals.

Can I trust the reviews and insights on EdTech Connect?

Yes, EdTech Connect gathers reviews and insights from verified higher education professionals who share their firsthand experiences with various technology solutions, ensuring reliability and relevance.

How often is the data on EdTech Connect updated?

While specific update frequencies may vary, platforms like EdTech Connect typically ensure their data is current by regularly reviewing and updating their database to reflect the latest solutions and industry insights.

Is EdTech Connect only for US-based institutions and solution providers?

Primarily, EdTech Connect focuses on U.S. colleges and universities but it may also feature insights and solutions relevant to the global higher education community. The platform aims to cater to the needs of higher education professionals worldwide.

How can I contribute a review for a solution I have used?

To contribute a review, you typically need to sign up for a free account using your .edu email address. After logging in, look for options to write a review on the site, ensuring you can share your valuable insights with the community.

Are there any fees involved in using EdTech Connect?

EdTech Connect offers its core services to higher education professionals at no cost, emphasizing community support and accessibility.

How does EdTech Connect ensure the quality of solution providers listed on the platform?

Solution providers are vetted through a stringent review process, and insights come from a community of verified higher education professionals. This helps maintain a standard of quality and reliability.

Can I find solutions tailored to specific areas of higher education on EdTech Connect?

Yes, EdTech Connect categorizes solutions across various areas of higher education, such as teaching & learning, security, and student success, making it easy to find tailored technology solutions. See them all on our higher education technology periodic table.

Is personal support available to help me navigate and make the best use of EdTech Connect's features?

While personalized support offerings may vary, platforms like EdTech Connect typically provide support channels, such as email or chat, to help users maximize the platform's benefits. Have questions? Email

How can I get my higher education solution listed on EdTech Connect?

Solution providers can sign up on the platform (often through a "List Your Solution" or equivalent section) and follow the process to claim their profile or add their solutions to the database for review.

How does EdTech Connect keep its community engaged and informed about the latest in EdTech?

Through regular newsletters, social media, email and updates on the latest technology trends and solutions, EdTech Connect likely keeps its community well-informed and engaged.

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