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About Us

EdTech Connect is a technology hub created for Higher Education experts. Verified Higher Ed experts showcase their skills, experience, and software they use to help each other at a tactical or strategic level covering a spectrum of topics in Higher Education.

Ratings & Reviews

While other software rating sites pay users for ratings, all ETC ratings are voluntarily provided by verified Higher Education experts. Experts have access to the data and can earn digital badges by participating. Software and professional service listing submissions are reviewed by our Higher Ed community.

Ratings and reviews are designed to provide a real-time snapshot of the use cases and effectiveness of EdTech software and services.

College Tech Profiles

Demographic and geographic data is combined with the software and services being used by the people who work at any given institution to provide near real-time skillset list and tech stack for their respective schools.

Higher Ed Experts collaborate with each other based on similar skills, software, or institutional profiles.


The ETC team has several decades of Higher Education experience, in the classroom, information technology, and student services.

Jeff Dillon

Lucero del Alba
Lead Developer

Graham Littell
Sponsorship Coordinator

Rebecca McKay

Saugata Chatterjee

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