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About EdTech Connect

EdTech Connect is a technology hub created for Higher Education experts by Higher Education Experts. It's a place to list the technology we're using to help our students thrive in this challenging time. Institutions are procuring and implementing software and service solutions so quickly, there's no time to waste. Where do you find the best use cases to launch a Chatbot? What are large schools using to develop their mobile apps? Where can you find a list of interactive and simulated learning technologies designed specifically for Higher Education? EdTech Connect is the place to answer those questions. The level of success for this new collaborative model lies in the hope that enough users contribute their experience and sentiment around the software tools they use to provide a close to real-time tech shapshot for any participating Higher Education Institution in the United States. Higher Education users have the ability to showcase their skills, experience and software to help eachother at at a tactical or strategic level covering infrastructure decisions to emerging technology in teaching and learning.

Who is EdTech Connect?

ETC is a company powered by a group of Higher Education volunteers from all around the U.S. Collaboration has been extraordinary and ideas have come from experts at all types of institutions. If you would like to become involved, contact us. Contributors to ETC are recognized with digital badges on our Experts page.

Software & Services

Software and professional service listing submissions are reviewed by our Higher Ed community. All listings are reviewed and categorized by at least one Higher Education expert before being listed on the site. Our database has 700+ software solutions that have been added by the Higher Education experts that use them. We know there are thousands more worth considering. If your company provides technology or strategic solutions to Higher Education, please submit a free listing for consideration. The language we use to classify technology is changing and we have built a flat but somewhat fluid taxonomy with the Periodic Table of Higher Education Technology.

Ratings & Reviews

This is not the first software rating platform, but it may be the most relevant, free platform focused exclusively on Higher Education. While other software rating sites pay anyone for ratings, all ETC ratings are voluntarily provided by verified Higher Education users. Ratings are averaged and visible to verified members. Ratings and reviews are designed to help provide a real-time snapshot of the sentiment around the effectiveness of EdTech software & services. All members have the ability to remain anonymous when they post ratings or reviews.

College Demographic and Geographic data

The demographic data for all institutions is provided by the US Department of Education including the school address, location, type, student population, campus setting, and awards offered. The DOE data is combined with the self-reported software and skillset data to create a real-time dashboard that is free for all participating members.

Please contact us if you have comments or suggestions.

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